AEV Technologies | Sustainable Urban Electric Solutions


AEV Technologies was founded in 2017 by entrepreneurs, investors, and executives with a passion to create sustainable urban electric solutions for Campus Management, Last Mile Delivery, Urban Commuting & Closed Campus Transport. A commitment to commercialize energy efficient solutions, a reduced carbon foot print, and life cycle sustainability is part of our DNA.

The Commuter Focused All-Electric Vehicle for
Campus, Community and Cross-Town Travel 


The Compact All-Electric Utility Vehicle
for Urban Logistics and Urban Services 


The 4WD All-Electric Vehicle for Superior
Performance in Any Environment 




We are excited about our partnership with AEV Technologies as they are providing COTA
with extremely practical and 100% electric utility vehicles.

EDGAR FERRERA, COTA’S Head of Sustainability


AEV leverages established chassis partners and standardized light electric vehicle sub-systems to accelerate time-to-volume. Our vehicles, sub-systems and production facilities integrate the collaborative efforts of AEV’s industrial designers, energy storage partners, efficient development and production facilities to achieve configurable light electric vehicles for environmentally conscious, high growth market segments.